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Kimberly Lacroix

What is the longest that you can suffer with withdrawal symptoms. After slowing decreasing my dosage and completely going off over a week ago, my systems seem to get worse by the day. This is day 8 for me and is definitely the worse day. I do not drink or take non prescription drugs but I do smoke cigarettes. Would this impact my withdrawals. I spoke with my pharmacist and she seems to think that my symptoms are normal, but I am really not feeling well at all.


Linda, this is my fourth day totally off and I agree with you it seems to be getting worse. We need to hang in there.


I can understand what you’re going through. i took effexor xr 75 mg for 12 yrs. i stopped taking it in December 2010. i had all the effexor withdrawal symptoms and like any other addictive stuff, it takes 28 days for your body to cleanse. then it gets easier. just hang in there. I usedprozac as a substitute. just take the smallest dose of prozac as a helper to quit. prozac is easier to quit later on and has little or no withdrawal effects. anyway, it took 8 to 10 weeks for the brain zaps to completely go away. it seemed like they never will but they did. nausea, fatigue, crying spell, emotional tantrums etc also went away in 4 to 6 weeks. first 2 weeks are the hardest. it gets easier. you’re almost there. if its too tough, (for me it was) ask your doc for prozac as a bridging med. there is light at the end of the tunnel. i wish someone had told me back then. i couldn’t find anyone who had successfully quit or who was not experiencing any brain zaps any more.


By the way if you don’t succeed the first time, don’t give up. try again in a few weeks or whenever you and your doc think its time for you to quit effexor. i tried a dozen time, and at last succeeded. i couldn’t afford to fail this time, as i was pregnant with my precious baby and didn’t want him to have to face these ugly withdrawal symptoms after birth.


Why did you go off effexor? Since you were o it for 12 years was it by your request or your doctor’s. How are you now mentally?


I have been on effexor rx for 6 years and decided to come off it about a year ago. Before I did anything I had some blood tests to determine any biochemical imbalances and started to treat them through natural supplementation like high quality fish oils, minerals and vitamins. I greatly changed my diet and eliminated grains and mostly eliminated sugar – although I find it hard to resist a piece of dark chocolate now and again. In June of last year I very slowly started to withdraw from 75mg a day. I bought empty capsules and split my capsule into them… my doctor did not recommend doing this but there is no way I could have gone cold turkey. It has taken me 6 months to withdraw down to nothing! I had my last 4mg tablet 3 days ago. I also found a great accupuncturist who is able to do magic with the needles when my anxiety starts to increase. I am so greatful to be medication FREE!


It took me five weeks to totally clear all the withdrawal symptoms. I’m seriously not kidding. Although, the worst of them were gone by the end of week four. So unfortunately, it can last quite a while.


Hi Kimberly.
All I can say is that the withdrawal symptoms really suck. I’ve been trying to get off Effexor now for about 2mo. I see no light at the end of the tunnel. I’m very discouraged and have considered ending it all. Would you like to keep in touch?


Hey Linda hang in there. I know it feels like crap – it’s happening to me too but stay with us

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Tina B

I’ve only been on Effexor since September. I was put on it after attempting to end my life with an overdose of Celexa and Klonopin. At first Effexor worked great for me. Then it wasn’t working so well. My doctor increased my dosage. That worked alright for a short period of time, but then I felt horrible. I started weening myself off of it slowly about a month ago. For the last week I have been down to 18.75 mg. Withdrawal symptoms began immediately when I started decreasing my doses. I haven’t taken any Effexor in 2 days. I’ve had horrible headaches, my fingers tingle and I feel so dizzy, I honestly think I could pass out. My head, however, doesn’t have the feeling like I’m wearing a weighted shroud anymore. Hoping it gets better.


The “zeet-zeet” sounds in my brain were horrible when stopped taking Effexor according to my doc’s instructions ! In fact, I made 3 emergency visits to the ER before I realized I was having redrawal symptoms. It took me nearly 6 months to wean off Effexor! I was ok as long as a GRADUALLY reduced the dosage, taking a partial pill EVERY DAY! I ended up opening the capsules and nearly “counting” the grains, reducing the dosage manually each week.

If you are having problems, I recommend going back onto a VERY LOW dosage of Effexor, to reduce symptoms, and do like I did, break the capsules open if need be to take smaller and smaller doses each week. Best Wishes!


Just returned from my Doctor to find that there is nothing (available in Canada) lower than the 37.5mg capsules I’m currently on. I tried weaning myself off by lengthening the time between my doses but always kicked into the withdrawal symptoms you all talk about. Not good. Since I can’t get 25 mg tablets in Canada (that I could split as I do the gradual reductions) — I’m going to try what Anna did. Thanks so much for your post Anna. I greatly appreciate it and sent it to my doctor as my new strategy. 🙂


Kimberly and Linda I too am trying to wean myself off of Effexor. I was taking 37.5 for about 3 1/2 years because of PMDD. I have since had a historectomy a couple of years ago. My doctor (FNP) a few months ago increased me to 150 mg. because of some family issues I was not dealing with well. I swear if you are having a hard time with anything the first thing they want to do is perscribe more meds, more meds and more meds. I decided that this was way to much, I took the 150 mg for about a month. Then, I decreased to 75 mg for a month after begging the flippin FNP, and now I am back to 37.5 for two weeks and now I am taking every other day for a week. I am very emotional, no energy, foggy brained and even thought of ending everything a few times when I was taking this drug, but I don’t want to really do that. I hope in time the withdrawal will get easier. It is very scary…


i have been on effexor for 5 years. I have tried a few times to get off it but I always feel like im going to die. I get chest pain, nausea, feels like my brain moves inside my skull……and much more.

I want to know how I can get the medication cheaply. I dont have insurance at this time. Since I cant go off effexor, I have to buy the med. Any ideas or maybe something that I can take that will ease withdraw? Thanks


You sound like you need a more helpful doctor and better health care in general.

The makers of Effexor (Phizer/Wyeth) have a patient assistance program that will supply you with the drug for free if you have a sufficiently low income. I believe that their standard is that your household income must be below 250% of the federal poverty guidelines and that you do not have access to the medication through insurance, medicaid, etc. You must supply a copy of your last tax return or other income documents- it can be a letter from your doctor attesting to your poverty if you don’t have a job.

Your doctor should know about patient assistance programs, but you can Google “effexor patient assistance” and you will find the instructions on how to go about this process with your doctor. I have received Effexor free for years now; the process is just enough of a bother so that most people don’t do it, but not so hard as to make it unbearable.


i am waiting till after Christmas to start going off, but i am on 150 mg i know going to 75 mg was easy, but i fell back into 150, now i just want to be free, and live effexor free for life. i have been clean from alcohol for 23 months now and i dont get down at all, also i go to church and have a great new life .. now i want to go that one step more, i do get a bad reaction if i miss 1 dose so i do have that in the back of my mind, but i know thats how the company makes sure i will never stop. glad to have this web site for support.


hey all, sorry to hear you are all suffering too, but glad to hear I am not losing it. If I knew going off effexor would be this hard I would not have started it in the first place. my doc did not even warn me, it did serve the purpose though…. I have been up to 300mg per day and was just not feeling anything. so I went to 150 for a few weeks and then at doctor directions went to 75mg only for 1 wk before discontinuing to zero. He wanted me to go on the newer form of effexor since it has less side effects, but did not understand that I was not having Effexor side effects, just felt it was not helping me anymore. So as you all can relate since going to zero for the last 3 days life has been hell. I am vomiting, doing the funky thing where my brain can not keep up with the motion of my body and feeling the electrical shocking waves too. And some verbal diarrhea to a certain extent. 🙂 I do not have the option of taking time off life to deal with this and it sounds like it may not be short term. Could sure use some hope right about now.


well, i took my last lil pill dec 1st, however it took me a month of cutting down to get there. i was on 300 mgs an the dr. gradually cut me off. one thing the dr. gave me was 30 ativan as he said you will need these to calm down WHEN you have panic attacks, not if…as he said thats part of the withdrawal process. plus he gave me trazadone to help me sleep, also on metoprolol to keep down my heart flutters when i sleep and it acts as a beta blocker also…now the reason for all this extra meds is because i was on effexor for 8 years an paxil prior to that for 10 years so withdrawal is an adventure in sleeping an brain buzzes..so..i do take, not on an ongoing practice, an ativan should i need it an the sleeping pill at night but i should note that both ativan an sleeper dont work that well with me for some reason individually, but together … i suggest dont’ take them together..you feel drunkish if you do..as for the metoprolol, prior to me coming off this effexor crap i was developing heart palpitations when i was sleeping an odd ones when i was awake, it was because of these palpitations i decided to come off this medication. as for the major brain buzzes, i highly recommend omega 3-6-9 as that stuff will decrease in severity an longevity the effects of teh brain buzzes.10 days later my sleeping is irregular because of the feeling of running out of breath but out of all the withdrawal systems the brain buzzes have subsided…..just letting you know whats happening for people that have been on it for long term…..hope this helps someone


I should of noted that prior to coming off of this drug, i was having thoughts or suicide, now they were only thoughts not actions or wanting to but the thoughts were there. for example, i would always end up on the pages of people that eneded it all on youtube an for some reason. i questioned myself as to why i’m ending up on those sites an it was around that time an with teh heart palpitaions an abnormal sleeping i decided it had to be the medication an blood pressure up an eyes blurry, ii’m a truck driver so need my eyes to see perfectly, i decided it was the medications an am now coming off the evil lil pill. the pharmacist told me it will be 6 weeks or the withdrawal effects to subside…

Tina B

Effexor made me feel hopeless. It worked at first, but then it got to the point where I felt nothing, but down. I didn’t want to be around people. I didn’t want to do anything at all. These withdrawal symptoms are horrible, but my emotionally, I don’t feel hopeless. I actually can form goals and be positive. Just with I could do it without the dizziness, tingles and headaches. I can control the headaches with Aleve and I’m hoping for the best with the rest.

Lisa Duncan

I just stopped Effexor on my own because my body started rejecting the medication. I would take it and I would get violently nauseous and would feel “stoned” all day. That was after taking it for almost7 years. Now that I have stopped it, the brain zapping is driving me insane. My appetite is also off the charts, almost like it makes my brain feel better to have food. I have a little nausea, my skin feels like it’s on fire and I’m coughing (my lungs hurt but I’m not 100% sure that’s from the withdrawal). No, I can’t go to the doctor because I don’t have health insurance any longer and can’t afford to go. I can only hope this goes away SOON.


Lisa, I read your post, & was like WOW! I too can’t stop eating. I feel like my brain is telling me to eat. I feel like the food will make me feel better. I too have very little nausea, but just enough to make me feel yucky. I would rather my muscles ache then to feel nausea. I too have lost my insurance as my husband lost his job, & it has been costly with no insurance. I also have been on & off it for the past 5 years. The first time I gradually came off it, & felt nothing as far as withdrawals symptoms. I was on 75mg only & weened myself off to 37.5, & then would take it every couple of days until it was gone, & I was fine. But this time was different as I am on the XR, & was on 175mg. I have stopped taking them, but have made sure that I take fish oil pills twice a day, along with 2 B-Complex pills, and my multi vitamin. I have read in other posts on other websites that fish oil helped with the brain shivers. I have had very minimal brain shivers. I do feel lighter, like my brain feels lighter, but as far as my appetite, I can’t stop eating. How many days have you been off? Did you gradually go off? I hope that you feel better soon. 🙂


YES! I never read anything else about other people reporting having an insatiable appetite, so I’m so glad it’s not just me! My boss even asked me to plan my meals better so I wouldn’t have to stop working to eat, but I can’t help being so hungry and it always seems like it will make me feel better. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get fired, since I will need some time off. It’s also as if other people think you’re faking or over-exaggerating, but I was certain I should have been committed to a psych ward earlier today. Seem to be feeling slightly better now…

Becky G

I cannot believe that I went on so long thinking something was wrong with me, when all along my doctor should have known this med was not good. I thought the hunger was part of my monthly hormone cycle. That seems to be the only thing that makes me feel better is eating. But, then I get sick because I ate or drank anything. I am not taking myself off the meds, I just missed a few pills here and there since I started taking it in June. Now I am scared to even consider changing meds because I don’t want to go through this for even longer.


Hi all.. I have been on Effexor XR for 3 years at a dose of 225mg/day.

I started reducing approx 3 weeks ago and have effectively halved the dosage in that time. I have had a number of side effects, but the most disturbing is anger outbursts. I was offered other medication to make it “easier” and to transfer me to a more humane anitdepressant. I wanted the opportunity to go drug free so declined the offer.

The reason for going off Effexor is the increase in unusual behaviour – gambling and promiscurity both of which were not present 4 years ago. In fact, I hated pokie machines with a passion back then.

Anyway.. the most annoying side effect is the ear pressure.. that really annoys me.


Has anyone had any problems with blood pressure changes due to effexor withdrawal? Since I decreased my dose from 150 to 75 mg about six weeks ago, my usually normal to low blood pressure has increased to the pre-hypertensive stage.


YES! I’ve had the same thing happen over here. The inflammation will die down and you should return to normal.


No one has mentioned blood pressure before but I have been having the same problem. I’ve been taking effexor (275 mg) for years and because of an insurance mix up have been off it for 2 weeks. My blood pressure went to 230/130 and I ended up in the hospital for 3 days. I told them I had not taken my effexor for a week but no one considered it a problem. The day after they gave me my effexor I was released and felt great. I have had all the symptoms listed (nausea, burping, dizziness, etc) and never want to feel this way again.


Umm… so my doctor just put me on effexor xr 75 mg/ a day. I do not really notice any difference in moods/ behavior. My feelings of “blah” and anxiety are still present. I’ve been on for only a week though, should I stay on or end now?

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  1. Omg! I’m on day 3 of getting off of Effexor and its terrible! Nauseuous, dizzy, headaches, stomach aches etc etc! Someone kill me now please! Sure wish my doctor had informed me of this risk BEFORE I started taking it!

  2. Don’t start it!!!

  3. Has anyone gain wieght after taking effexor after a long period of time

  4. I have likely been taking Effexor ER longer than anyone that I have hear of. It was prescribed to me when the XR first came out. I feel that i should share several observations with those who are either beginning, using regularly, withdrawing, or thining about getting off of it. Hind sight is 20/20 as they say. I was plagued by increasingly alarming symptoms over a period of years as I approached middle-age. I had always felt that I was healthy, clear-thinking, energetic, and “normal”, although I had suffered astma as a very young child. The symptoms that I developed included pervasive nausea, vertigo, breathlessness, anxiety, rapid fatigue, anger, unhappiness, and general malaise. It got so severe that I wanted to be horizontal in bed most of the time. I became chronically sleepy. Arare visit with a doctor let me try Prozac, since he seemed to think, “It is all in your head.” (Whatever the heck that means in retrospect). All Prozac did was fog my usually acutely clear thinking and stifle my creativity. I would not continue the Prozac very long.
    I had bad headaches diagnosed as cluster headaches and migraines. My eyes changed focus and I could not see except with magnified vision very close up, so I went to the doctor who discovered that I had very high blood glucose levels, and treated me for diabetes with diet, exercise, and pills. I got my bg under control, but the pills clearly increased my sleepiness. I was then diagnosed with “benign fatty-liver”. causing high liver enzymes. No treatment was known. Over a period of time various doctors both civilian and VA had me try different anti-depressants without good results. They finally put me on this new time relaease Venalfaxine which we all now know as Effexor XR. It did make me feel better, but only for a few days. It then did as the other meds and fogged my brain. I quit after only a few days and thought I was going to die. I knew nothing of withdrawals and my docs all said that Effexor had none. This is the way it was presented early-on. No addiciton/no withdrawals.
    Over time, docs convinced me to add more meds and increase my Effexor dosage. They also seemed to diagnose another bonified physical illness each time I went to the doc which was often. I could no longer work, and got a brief disability income from insurance–then they screwed me for no reason and I had to begin a law-suit. My situation deteriorated. If I wasn’t depressed before I was by then, although I was never SAD. I was very angry, however.
    I went to the Mayo Clinic and they said I had a genetic defect that caused chirosis in the absence of alchohol caused by N.A.S.H. Other docs diagnosed Restless Leg Syndrome, Sleep Apnea, Thyroid problems, Exercise-Induced Asthma, a rare genetic lung and liver condition, bone and nerve disorders, deteriorating spine, britle bones (several breaks in a short time), Severe Carpel Tunnel in both writs unbeliveably high lipds and cholestrol, bleeding disorders, intermitent heart irregularities, “mud in my gallbladder”. Severe pain–virtually everywhere. The solution was of course to add more meds, many which were brain chemicals–five benzodiazapines, Morphine, Gabapentine (2800 mgs), Mertazapine, muscle relaxers, trammodo, statins and higher doses of Effexor XR. They even put me on a TB drug for a long time until I realized that a nurse had written it up wrong. I also was said to have enciphilitis, and an MRI disclosed what appeared to them to be a large lesion on my right frontal brain lobe.
    I could go on and on, but you get the idea. With my wife’s help (I really was off somewhere in lala land) I finally decided that I just had to get off all of the med; I was getting worse, not better. And I could not function mentally or physically. I was on insulin by then, gaining gobs of weight, and unable to exercise due to chronic pain. I soon learned about withdrawals. Each of the benzos carried huge withdrawal penalties to get off. I did some cold turkey and nearly died. I got off Effexor for a year, but I was still on much the other mind-bending stuff. I went back on Effexor XR in hopes of gaining relief. No relief, but again addicted to EFF XR–300 mgs. daily.
    I am off of most of the mind stuff and addictive stuff now. If I had it to do over, I would not use mainstream medicines at all. Effexor XR was the first drug that had withdrawals assoicated with it. I honestly believe that it and some of the others caused most, if not all, of the other disorders–with the possible manifestation of the liver disorders. Almost all drugs harm the liver. Best-case scenario was that none of hte drugs metabolized with me and my screwy liver as they were supposed to. And get this–I DON’T THINK I WAS EVER DEPRESSED IN THE FIRST PLACE. IF I WAS, MY SYMPTOMS WERE ATYPICAL AND CAN ALL BE EXPLAINED BY THE LIVER DISORDRS, DIABETES, AND DRUG SIDE-EFFECTS.
    Of all the withdrawals, Effexor XR’s lasts longer and are more unpleasant than any of the others–although each is horrible.
    I have learned a lot. I am getting off of Effexor for what I plan to be the last time. It is not causing any problems for me. My brain is coming back comensurate with the drugs I have decreased. When I am off of this, I will get off of Trammadol for pain, and Provigil for Narcolepsy. I am guessing and hoping that getting off of everything willeliminate the need for a CPAP machine–which I have had to wear now for years, because I stop breathing when I go to sleep. I believe that the drugs caused the Sleep Apnea.
    1) If I can advise anything about getting off of any habituatative substances including tobacco, caffiene, or sex it would to wean slowly and regularly. Be hosptialized if you can, but I never would allow mytself to do this. I did not want it hanging over me that I had to detox in a hostpital because I feel our government will use this against us in some cases.
    If I sound like a conspiracy theorist, I didn’t always.
    2) But I believe the fact that small-dosed capsules of Effexor XR are easily obtained (even free) when you are ramping-up, but no provision is made to ramp down. Although you can buy the smaller doses, the drug is charged at almost as much per capsule as it would be if you were getting a much larger dose. I don’t think this is an accident . Why would the drug companies wnat you to get off of the stuff? They have intentionally made it difficult to get doses small enough to let you down without major withdrawals–therefore most people just stay on it.
    3) It takes a long time to get off of it. Plan on it. Short-cuts will usually result in failure. You may be able to do it as I did once, but it will be at the expense of relationships and with much pain that no human should have to suffer. You can even become dangerous or suicidal if it is done too quickly. the longer youy were onit, the longer it will readjust to normality (actually you may never be the way you once were at your best, but it will still be better than while on it.
    4) Eveyone has the potential of different experieinces and symptoms because of a lot of variables in lifestyle, body chemistry, and medical conditionas as well as other meds, foods, pollutants, basic make-up, and metabolism.
    5) Good vitamins, fish-oils (in very high doses), Magnesium and the other metals seemto help me due to their effects on better nerve conductivity have helped me. B12, and other B vitamins, also help–but this is a whole area worth researching. There are lots of references on the internet regarding which vitamins to use. I only suggest that you be very suspect of those touting benefits for this who are also selling those vitamins and suplements. Obviosu posible conflict of interest. The UK seems to be ahead of the USA in doing aways with drugs that may cause more problems than they solve.
    6) Move slowly to try or to change any new treatment. Be somewhat open to the more-accepted alternative medicine modalities from China and India and such things as Yoga and meditations accupuncture and accupressure. Don’t go for everything that comes along because everyone seems to have a cure for everything. There are indeed a bunchy of quacks. Mainstream AMA medicine is very much at odds with holistic alternative medicine. There is good in both, and there is bad in both. The Chinese have been treating illnesses for mellinia and have to have some good treatments. But there are cheaters in the middle. Same with AMA docs. They think they ahve all the answers but they don’t.
    7) AMA docs are knowingly or unknowingly part of an elaborate system that has far too much, in my opinion, to do with money. I have had docs tell me that Effexor “has no withdrawals”, then later, “only as you get down to the smallest doses”, that “you can never get off of these meds”, and then still later say how awful some particular drug is when it is too late and it has been yanked by the FDA or is a lightening rod for lawsuits. You can get off. But do it slowly and give it time. the deck is stack against you getting off. Unless a given doctor has firsthand experience with the same doses over the same period of time as you–he is only guessing and/or repteating what the drug salesmen are telling them. And THEY lie.
    8) Even if they are personally expeienced, they may have a totally different experience as you do. Listen to your docs, but do your own research on the Internet. Doctors can be very egotistical and get their feelings hurt and get ugly to you iof you don’t do what they say–but it’s your body on the line. If you are chronically in disagreement with your doctors get different ones. Doctors also come in teams. Several doctors and other healthcare professionals looking after you in concert is better than just one. If a doc is too territorial, be very wary of him/her. Doctors are no more important than you. You are far more inportant to you and your family than any doctor.

    9) I don’t know why doctors do not routinely use this last bit of advice–especially when withdrawin gfrom Effexor XR. But any doctor who agrees that you should at least try getting off of Effexor XR–and I personally feel that if they won’t agree to this, you should get anothr one–can write a perscription to have a special kind of pharmacist, customize and monitor your doage of Effexor XR real-time as you withdraw. They are called Compounders or Compounding Pharmacists. There may be an additional expense or more hoops to jump thnrough to be covered by your insurance–but I certainly would pay extra even if itis out of my own pocket to get off of htis stuff with minimal pain. I would have them start by customizing your dosage decrease by about 15 mgs weekly. If you tolerate this okay (or not), have them readjust accordingly until you are doing it at th emaximum rate that you can tolerate without undue discomfort. If you need to, you can also have them do it at a slower pace–ie two weeks per increment decreased.
    10) Although I don’t feel that it is the best way to go about it–in absence of pharmacy/cotor involvement, you can get capsules and redistribute the doses yourself (probably by halfing until you get to the increments you want). This will work, but it has inherent problems. First it is very tedious and hard to do. The first time you don’t have it ready or do it wrong or forget where you were at in the decrease–you will encounter problems and youwill be right back on the merri-go-round again as a fail. So, get it ready far in advnac eand allow yourself plrnty of time to adjust. But truely I most recommend that you inlist the aid of your doctor and/or pharmacist (I don’t knowhow muych leeway a pharmacist has to make such adjustments–but not much I am thinking without the perscribing doctors help.
    Good luck. I am sure that Effexor and other drugs save lives. they may have even saved mine. There is a place for them, but in retrospect, in the famous risks vs. benefits analasys that should be considered in every perscription written–I don’t think any of the drugs, including insulin that I have been perscribed have benefited me more than harmed me. I actually at this late date in my life feel that mainstream mediciens and particularly addictive medicines with Effexor right at the top of my list has actually–my opinion only in hindsight–ruined my life. And it could have been avoided–my opinion. Remember, they said it was all in myh head. Turns out that I had real and tangible physical conditions and disabilities that coujld have been causing my problems had they properly diagnosed them. But becasue I did not fit the mold of the majority of people–they discounted these possibilities. I don’t think I ever was depressed from natural causes anyway. Ruined my life. Now that is depressing.

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